Gunnar Eisel's World Guitarist - the Daily News Coverage for the World Classical Guitar Community. The best news informational ressource on the Web. A huge collection of links.
The Guitar Foundation of America (GFA) - the world's largest guitar organization. Big collection of links too.
Free scores
The Guitar School - Iceland - many excellent scores for 1, 2, 3 and 4 guitars.
The Guitar Page of Nikita Boldyrev - not only good scores, but also beautiful samples and MIDIs.
Fernando Sor - complete guitar works - Great !!!
The Guitar Page of Dirk Meineke - notes and tabulatures on the same page.
Guitar Transcriptions of Thomas Koenigs
The Guitar Page of Eduardo Barrientos - many interesting scores.
Hebe's Online
Free scores for classical guitar and piano - many links to free score sites.