Guitars The construction of master grade classical guitars is the main area of my work. At the moment I build only one model classical guitar, when it comes to the outline shape (“plantilla”) of the guitar. I use high quality Spruce or Cedar for the tops. For backs and sides I use only outstanding Amazonas Rosewood.
    Fingerboards are made of Ebony or Brazilian Black Wood which I personally prefer.
    Standard scale length is 650 mm, width at the nut is 52 mm or 53 mm.
    Scale length, shape of the neck, width of the fingerboard and other parameters can be suited to the customer's wishes. At the moment the waiting period for special models amounts up to 8 -10 month.
    I give a lifetime warranty for the neck of my instruments, which is constructed with special attention to its strength.

   Player comments:  Boyko Trendafilov, classical guitarist (comment from January 2004)  "I played recently a classical guitar made by Nikola Minev in December 2003. It is very easy to play, well balanced, and strings response is very quick. It has great volume and projection, and clear separation from string to string. The bass impressed me with its richness, strength and long sustain. For me it sounds like the bass of the guitars of the famous duo Presti-Lagoya, as far as it is possible to compare it listening their Philips recordings. The trebles have also a long sustain, they are warm, and I had a lot of fun to experiment with them."